RattaNeo Beryl f60 rocking chair brown rattan natural – rattan chair


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    Welcome to the world of refined relaxation with ‘RattaNeo Beryl f60,’ a luxurious rattan rocking chair that combines tradition and modernity. This unique offering in deep brown is an excellent choice for those who appreciate natural beauty and comfort. Measuring 109 cm x 59 cm x 120 cm, the chair has been carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and support. The natural rattan used in its production is known for its durability and lightweight qualities, and the handcraftsmanship of each piece ensures its uniqueness. Rattan furniture is synonymous with class and distinctive style. An additional value is the certificate of authenticity in the form of the RattaNeo hologram, confirming the highest quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

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    Dimensions 69 × 119 cm