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Happy Easter RattaNeo

Easter celebrated in the world?

Easter is celebrated in many different ways around the world, but its message of hope and renewal remains a central part of the holiday no matter where it is observed Subscribe newsletter

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geometric rattan earrings
History of Rattan

History of natural rattan

Natural rattan is a type of climbing plant that belongs to the palm family. Its use in furniture dates back to ancient times, particularly in

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RattaNeo brand

RattaNeo as a brand is protected by the European Union Intellectual Property Office, certificate number 018325804, and also has the prestigious Amazon Brand Registry status.


Poland – the whole assortment, free delivery, possibility to pay cash on delivery, possibility to buy through store (payment available 30 days after purchase and credit for entrepreneurs)

Germany – entire assortment, possibility to buy through Amazon.DE

Romania – selected assortment, whole assortment in EMAG.RO partner store

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Austria, France, Netherlands – selected assortment, possibility of individual valuation of furniture not available in standard shipping costs by contacting, also to countries not listed above.

RattaNeo was created out of a passion for sharing what we can see in the most beautiful corners of the world, combining classics with elements of the exotic. At RattaNeo the most important thing is people and the idea of responsible business, which is why we produce furniture from certified natural rattan.

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