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    Experience the enchanting blend of rustic charm and modern style with the RattaNeo Alhambra s10 Table. Crafted from natural rattan, this unique table offers a robust durability, coupled with a lightweight design. Adding warmth and texture to any setting, it boasts of an earthly elegance that’s hard to miss. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s an ideal furnishing choice for those who appreciate the unrefined beauty of the natural world intertwined with the sophistication of contemporary design. Compatible with any decor, this rattan table is an exquisite representation of form meeting function.

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    The “RattaNeo Alhambra s10” coffee rattan table combines elegance and functionality. Made from natural rattan in a brown color, it stands out with its intricate weaving and stylish colonial look. The square glass top shape makes this table not only attractive but also practical. Its dimensions – 56 cm in height, 42 cm in width, and 42 cm in depth – allow it to fit seamlessly into various interiors.

    The handmade craftsmanship of each piece guarantees an individual character appreciated by those who value unique rattan furniture. Each table is thoroughly inspected and receives the RattaNeo quality hologram with a unique serial number, confirming its authenticity and excellence.

    When looking for rattan furniture for your home, it’s worth trusting the trusted RattaNeo brand – a legally registered trademark.

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    Weight 5 kg
    Dimensions 52 × 66 cm