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    Embrace the relaxed, tropical vibe with the RattaNeo Coral k45 chair in honey rattan. Handcrafted from high-quality natural rattan, bringing a touch of authenticity to your space. Its elegant curves make a stylish statement, while the sturdy frame ensures long-lasting durability. The honey finish adds to its warm and inviting appeal. Perfect for your patio, living room or reading nook, this chair promises comfort in a chic package. Escape into the tranquillity of a beach house, no matter where you reside, with the RattaNeo Coral k45 chair.

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    Showcase your interior in full class with the “RattaNeo Coral k45” rattan chair. These rattan furniture pieces in honey color perfectly blend tradition with modernity, offering not only elegance but also functionality.

    The chair, with dimensions of 97 cm in height, 64 cm in width, and 63 cm in depth, is equipped with comfortable armrests and a latticed backrest that adds a sense of lightness.

    Each piece, handcrafted, acquires a unique character, making it not just furniture but a true work of art. Furthermore, the RattaNeo quality hologram with an individual serial number confirms the precision of craftsmanship and the product’s authenticity. For those seeking exceptional furniture for their home, the “RattaNeo Coral k45” chair is the epitome of style and quality.

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    Weight 6.5 kg
    Dimensions 74 × 107 cm