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    Presenting the splendid RattaNeo Coral s72 table, composed of natural and versatile rattan. Its organic aesthetic and durable build make it the perfect piece for both indoor and outdoor settings. Flexible yet sturdy, this table is designed to endure the elements while adding a touch of charm to your space. The earthy tones provide a harmonious blend with any color scheme. Upgrade your living aesthetics with this authentically beautiful rattan table. A gem of craftsmanship and style, perfect for anyone keen on adding a rustic natural touch to their decor.

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    The RattaNeo Coral s72 rattan table in olive shade is a unique piece of furniture that will bring natural harmony and elegance to your interior. Its round shape with a diameter of 64 cm and a height of 61 cm makes it the focal point of your living space.

    Handcrafted from durable rattan, this table acquires an individual character, enriching your interior with a unique accent. The olive color adds coziness and tranquility, blending perfectly with various decorative styles.

    The RattaNeo Coral s72 table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s also a symbol of functionality. It can serve as a coffee table, a place for books, or decorative items. Every detail, including the RattaNeo quality hologram, guarantees the highest standard and the beauty of natural rattan.

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    Dimensions 74 × 71 cm