RattaNeo Diamond III t112 stool rattan natural – rattan stool


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    Refined and timeless, this snow-white stool catches the eye with its unique design. Handcrafted from natural rattan, it offers exceptional durability and comfort while serving as a true interior decoration.

    Product parameters:

    height: 46 cm
    width: 34 cm
    depth: 34 cm

    Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with the RattaNeo Diamond III t112 stool. Made from natural rattan, this uniquely designed stool adds an organic, boho vibe to any room. Whether used as a seat, side table, or for decoration, it’s sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it easy to move and versatile to use. The Diamond III t112 is not just a stool, it’s a statement piece for your home that effortlessly merges functionality and aesthetics.

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    Discover unique comfort and unmatched design with natural rattan “RattaNeo Diamond III t112,” a stool that combines the natural beauty of rattan with modern snow-white aesthetics. This unique piece of furniture features a square seat with dimensions of 46 cm in height and 34 cm in width and depth. It is not only a practical addition to any interior but also a refined decorative element.

    Thanks to its protected design, the stool becomes an exclusive accent in a space where tradition meets innovation. Handcrafted with the utmost care, RattaNeo rattan furniture takes on individual character, and with the included quality hologram bearing a unique serial number, you can be sure that you own a piece of furniture that has undergone a rigorous quality control process.

    Perfect as an additional seat, an ornament in the hallway, or as part of your living room decor, this natural rattan stool is synonymous with class and timeless durability.

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    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 46 × 56 cm