RattaNeo Dolce Vita s19 coffee table rattan natural – rattan coffee table


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    The RattaNeo Dolce Vita s19 rattan coffee table is where earthy charm meets modern elegance. Handcrafted with premium natural rattan, this table introduces an organic warmth to your living space. Its compact and functional design is perfect for casual get-togethers or formal gatherings. The s19’s unique blend of unpretentious charm, durability, and strength makes it a worthy centerpiece for your home. Experience the effortless chic of the Dolce Vita lifestyle with this timeless rattan coffee table.

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    The “RattaNeo Dolce Vita s19” rattan coffee table is a piece of craftsmanship that evokes the ambiance of colonial salons and unforgettable coffee moments. Its natural beige rattan color is enhanced with a delicate bronze patina, adding depth and warmth to its appearance. Every centimeter of this table, with dimensions of 46 cm x 80 cm x 55 cm, has been precisely crafted from the highest quality rattan. Hand polishing ensures that its surface is incredibly smooth and pleasant to the touch.

    Handcrafting imparts a unique character to each table, and the additional quality guarantee is the RattaNeo hologram with an individual serial number.

    When you choose our rattan furniture, you’re not only opting for functionality. Also style and timeless classic that never goes out of fashion.

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    Weight 9.5 kg
    Dimensions 90 × 56 cm