RattaNeo Emerald f117 armchair brown rattan natural – rattan armchair


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    Transform your living space with the RattaNeo Emerald f117 armchair crafted from natural brown rattan. This eco-friendly piece effortlessly mixes elegance and comfort. With clean lines and a timeless design, it will add a touch of classic style to any room. Its sturdy construction ensures lasting use, while its deep seat and cozy armrests provide optimal comfort. Loot forward to a relaxing read, a pleasant chat, or simply a peaceful moment, nestled in your new favorite spot. The RattaNeo Emerald f117: beauty, comfort, and durability embodied in an armchair.

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    Allow us to introduce “RattaNeo Emerald f117,” an exceptional natural rattan chair in a timeless brown color. This product is another gem in the extensive RattaNeo lineup, known for its perfection in every detail.

    Particular attention should be given to the precise 3mm weave, double armrest made from natural palm rattan cane, and reinforced construction, ensuring years of satisfaction in use. With a seat height of 45 cm, the chair perfectly complements dining tables. The Emerald line stands out for its lightness, comfort, and stackability. Each chair is a unique piece, handwoven by experienced artisans, giving it an unparalleled character.

    Additionally, every piece undergoes rigorous quality tests and is marked with a special RattaNeo hologram featuring a unique serial number.

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    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 75 × 96 cm