RattaNeo Valencia p27 screen rattan natural – rattan screen


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    Product parameters:

    height: 160 cm
    width: 40 cm ( 1 module)
    depth: 4 cm

    weight: 18 kg

    Product condition: Complete

    Shipping time: 2-7 days


    Discover new style and privacy with the RattaNeo Valencia p27 Screen. Beautifully crafted from natural rattan, this elegant screen adds an organic touch to any room. With its artisanal flair, it’s perfect for creating a private nook or standing as a stylish room divider. Lightweight, versatile, and transportable, the Valencia p27 is a fantastic way to redefine your space while celebrating the beauty of natural materials. Embrace a chic, earthy aesthetic with the RattaNeo Valencia p27 rattan screen.

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    The extremely light-looking decorative rattan screen is ideal for makeshift partitions and dividers. Made from hand-polished rattan of the highest quality.

    Rattan furniture is light, elagant and durable. They blend wonderfully with any interior design, bringing with them warmth and a cosy homely feel.

    Additional information

    Weight 18 kg
    Dimensions 50 × 170 cm