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RattaNeo Diamond III t112 stool rattan natural – rattan stool

Refined and timeless, this snow-white stool catches the eye with its unique design. Handcrafted from natural rattan, it offers exceptional durability and comfort while serving as a true interior decoration.

Product parameters:

height: 46 cm
width: 34 cm
depth: 34 cm

Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort with the RattaNeo Diamond III t112 stool. Made from natural rattan, this uniquely designed stool adds an organic, boho vibe to any room. Whether used as a seat, side table, or for decoration, it’s sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it easy to move and versatile to use. The Diamond III t112 is not just a stool, it’s a statement piece for your home that effortlessly merges functionality and aesthetics.

RattaNeo Diamond II t110 stool rattan natural – rattan stool

Step up your home decor with the RattaNeo Diamond II t110 stool made from natural rattan. This chic and stylish stool not only provides extra seating but also serves as a fantastic statement piece, effortlessly blending with your interior design. The natural rattan material ensures durability, making it a practical and fashionable addition to any room. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and versatility with this stunning rattan stool.

RattaNeo Coral t44 stool brown rattan natural – rattan stool

Allow a touch of bohemian style into your home with the RattaNeo Coral t44 stool. Crafted from sturdy, natural brown rattan, this eye-catching piece brings an earthy, organic texture to any space, offering both style and practicality. Perfect to use as an extra seat, a decorative accessory, or a unique side table, the options are limitless. Its compact size and lightweight design allow easy movement. Sit back and fall in love with the laid-back luxury this rattan stool provides. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and style with our RattaNeo Coral t44 stool.

RattaNeo Coral t42 stool cognac rattan natural – rattan stool

The RattaNeo Coral t42 is a stunning piece of furniture featuring a blend of cognac rattan natural material. Its versatile style allows it to sit comfortably in any setting, from a sophisticated lounge to a cosy rural house. This compact stool not only offers a place to rest or perch, but also adds a touch of luxury with its finely crafted design. Artfully crafted with durable rattan, it brings timeless elegance and cozy comfort to your home. With a charm that is all its own, a RattaNeo Coral t42 stool is the perfect addition to your space.

RattaNeo Coral t43 stool olive rattan natural – rattan stool

Experience comfort with a dash of nature with RattaNeo Coral t43 stool. Crafted in olive rattan, this stool offers a slice of the outdoors within your interiors. Its natural finish enhances its elegance, while the sturdy build ensures durability. Perfect for casual seating or as a rustic decor element. Relax or reflect, this rattan stool will be your favorite corner at home!

RattaNeo Coral t41 stool honey rattan natural – rattan stool

Introducing the RattaNeo Coral t41 stool – a piece of artisan elegance in honey rattan natural finish. This beautiful and sturdy stool is handcrafted from high-quality, natural rattan. It not only offers reliable support, but adds a dash of charm and rustic chic to your space. Truly versatile, the Coral t41 stool is a perfect blend of style and functionality, fitting effortlessly into any room decor. Embrace the simplicity, enjoy the comfort and charm of rattan seating with the RattaNeo Coral t41 stool!