RattaNeo Alhambra f5 rocking chair rattan natural – rattan chair


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    The rocking chair “RattaNeo Alhambra f5” is the epitome of elegance in colonial style, combining sophistication and comfort. Its dimensions – height 95 cm, width 84 cm, and depth 110 cm – make it the perfect place to relax. The chair is made of the highest quality natural rattan with a rich Exclusive weave, giving it a unique character. Teakwood rockers ensure stability and durability while allowing for gentle rocking.

    The soft dark brown seat cushion, equipped with a zipper, adds to the comfort of use. Imported from Indonesia, this product represents unparalleled quality among rocking chairs available in the Polish market. Each piece is thoroughly checked and receives the RattaNeo quality hologram with a unique serial number, confirming its authenticity and high-quality craftsmanship.

    The “RattaNeo Alhambra f5” rocking chair is not only a functional piece of furniture but also a unique decoration for any interior.

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    Dimensions 94 × 105 cm