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    Revitalize your space with the RattaNeo Emerald f116 armchair, crafted in olive-green tone and natural rattan. This delightful piece pairs style with comfort, featuring sturdy armrests and a plush seating area. It’s the perfect mix of tropical charm and modern elegance. Sit in solace or entertain with ease, it’s versatile for any occasion. Turn your reading nook or sunroom into a stylish oasis with this beautiful rattan armchair. Simple in design, yet striking in presence – a marvellous addition to any decor.

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    Introducing “RattaNeo Emerald f116,” an elegant natural rattan chair in a deep olive color. This highly stylish model from the renowned RattaNeo brand stands out for its precision in craftsmanship and attention to every detail. The meticulous 3mm weave, double armrest made from authentic palm rattan cane, and sturdy construction guarantee not only durability but also comfort for many years of use.

    With an optimal seat height of 45 cm, the chair makes an ideal addition to the dining area, ensuring comfort during meals at the table. The lightweight and stackable design of chairs from the Emerald series make them incredibly practical and easy to store. Each piece is handcrafted, adding character and authenticity, confirmed by the RattaNeo quality hologram with a unique serial number.

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    Weight 3 kg
    Dimensions 75 × 96 cm