RattaNeo Coral a83 rocking and swivel chair mechanism


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    Experience ultimate comfort with the RattaNeo Coral a83 rocking and swivel chair mechanism. This innovative product offers smooth rocking and 360-degree swivel capabilities, transforming your ordinary chair into a relaxing haven. Perfect for home or office use, it’s designed for easy installation and long-lasting durability. Enjoy your downtime or work hours in a whole new way with RattaNeo Coral a83. It’s not just a chair mechanism, it’s a lifestyle upgrade!

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    High-quality mechanism for rocking and swivel chairs. Fits models by: RattaNeo, Calamus Rotan, Eljot and Rattanpol. Includes screws, rubber washers, etc. The new mechanism will extend the life of the seats for many years to come.

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    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 30 × 20 cm