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    Experience the perfect blend of nature and sophistication with the RattaNeo Coral s138 Rattan Table. Crafted from high-quality, natural rattan, this table adds a rustic charm to any indoor or outdoor décor. Ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet afternoon, this resilient rattan table brings tropical allure right at your fingertips. Its distinctive design and earth-tone color make it a standout piece, easy to clean and long-lasting. Discover the charm of artisanal craftsmanship with the RattaNeo Coral s138 Rattan Table.

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    Introducing “RattaNeo Coral s138” – a table gem in olive-toned natural rattan that brings warmth and naturalness to any interior. With a round glass top measuring 100 cm in diameter and a height of 76 cm, this table seamlessly fits the needs of modern living, offering both functionality and unique design. Handcrafted with the utmost care, each piece of rattan furniture is thoroughly inspected and marked with an individual RattaNeo quality hologram, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. The olive color of the rattan introduces harmony and tranquility into the space, making every meal an elegant and refined experience.

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    Weight 13 kg
    Dimensions 110 × 86 cm