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    Enhance your living space with RattaNeo Diamond I s109, a beautifully-crafted natural rattan table. It’s a versatile piece that adds tropical charm and warmth to any room. Its sturdy design and flattering size suit any decor style, whether it’s rustic or modern. The naturally woven patterns in the rattan demonstrate traditional craftsmanship, ensuring no two tables are exactly alike. With RattaNeo Diamond I s109, you get more than just a piece of furniture; you get a unique conversation starter.

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    Snow-white rattan table from the designer Diamond collection, the original design of which, created by the designers of branded RattaNeo furniture, has been registered with the European Patent Office. The Diamond collection of RattaNeo is characterized by incredible craftsmanship and is an unquestionable decoration of any elegant interior. They can be used both in the living room, complementing the decor, and on their own – adding their own character to the interior.

    Furniture from the Diamond RattaNeo collection is produced in relatively small numbers, which gives the collection a boutique feel and thus increases its value as furniture with a unique character.

    Each piece bears the RattaNeo quality mark in the form of a hologram with an individual serial number, which guarantees that you are buying an original branded product.

    The table additionally has a glass top, which facilitates the functionality of the furniture in terms of use.

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    Weight 7 kg
    Dimensions 100 × 94 cm