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    Experience the blend of luxury and nature with the RattaNeo Coral s71 table. This piece features a unique cognac hue that brings the warmth of nature to your living area. Crafted from premium quality natural rattan, the table adds a dose of texture and extends an inviting feel. Prized for its durability and timeless appeal, this rattan table is not only visually appealing but also resilient and easy to maintain. Perfect to lend some rustic charm to your space.

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    The RattaNeo Coral s71 rattan table in cognac color is not just furniture; it’s a true work of art in a natural form. Its round shape with a diameter of 64 cm and a height of 61 cm creates a harmonious base for your living space. The cognac color adds a warm and cozy atmosphere to the interior while seamlessly blending with its surroundings.

    This rattan table is meticulously handcrafted with the utmost care. Each piece acquires an individual character, thanks to the unique nuances in the rattan’s structure. It’s a piece of furniture that not only adds charm to your home but also introduces a touch of nature.

    The RattaNeo Coral s71 table is not just a decorative element; it’s also a functional solution. It’s perfect as a spot for coffee, books, or decorative items. Every detail, from the craftsmanship to the RattaNeo quality hologram, ensures the highest standard.

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    Weight 6.5 kg
    Dimensions 74 × 71 cm