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    Add a versatile touch of nature to your interiors with this RattaNeo Coral s73 table. Crafted from authentic brown rattan and designed with a rustic appeal, this table merges functionality with style. Its compact size allows it to fit seamlessly into any setting while providing a useful surface for drinks, books, or decorative items. Enjoy the unique charm and durability of natural rattan and elevate your space with this stunner of a piece! Perfect for rattan lovers craving a nature-inspired vibe.

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    The RattaNeo Coral s73 rattan table in an intense shade of brown is not just furniture; it’s also an expression of the artistic passion of craftsmen who handcraft each piece. Its round shape with a diameter of 64 cm and a height of 61 cm catches the eye and serves as a perfect addition to your interior.

    Made from natural rattan, this table exudes warmth and authenticity, bringing the essence of nature into your home. Its brown color blends seamlessly with various interior designs, from modern to rustic.

    The RattaNeo Coral s73 table is not just furniture but also a decoration that adds charm to your space. Each piece undergoes thorough quality control, receives the RattaNeo quality hologram, and is assigned a serial number, ensuring authenticity and the highest quality.

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    Dimensions 74 × 71 cm