RattaNeo Coral s135 table brown rattan natural


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    Discover the charm of outdoor living with our RattaNeo Coral s135 brown rattan table. Crafted with intricate workmanship, it showcases a natural aesthetic capturing the true essence of modernity meeting charm. This product promises unmatched durability without compromising on style. Perfect for poolside brunches or evening chats under the glittering stars, this table is a must-have addition for your patio. Beautifully blend in luxury within your space with our chic, easy-to-maintain RattaNeo Coral rattan table.

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    RattaNeo Coral s135 – an elegant piece of furniture handcrafted from natural rattan in a deep brown color. Perfect as a coffee table, side table, or auxiliary table. It comes with the RattaNeo quality hologram.

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    Dimensions 41 × 56 cm